Document Number Title Year
02.01 Manual of good and bad practices 2014
02.03 Technical specification for grid connected PV systems ready to include in contractual frameworks 2015
03.02 Final version of the design and simulation toolbox : SISIFO 2014
04.02 Validation with field data, redesign and final update of the toolbox predicting PV energy production 2014
05.02 Model of the combined effect into the grid nodes of power fluctuations from several PV plants 2014
05.03 Guidelines for the integration of PV plants into the grid 2015
05.04 Protection schemes against unavoidable PV power fluctuations 2015
05.05 Estimation of the PV power that can be integrated in current EU networks 2015
06.03 Technical description of the equipment for the energy management and storage control in PV plants 2014
07.03 Technical description of the equipment for the energy management and storage control in BIPV 2014
07.04 Secondary re-use of batteries from electric vehicles for BIPV applications 2015
08.02 website with the european map of real-time irradiance on tilted surfaces 2014
08.05 Analysis of the state of the art of PV systems in Europe 2015
09.03 Final update of the quality control procedures 2014
09.04 Description of testing kits 2015
09.05 List of facilities in SOPHIA project to carry out the developed quality control procedures 2015
10.02 Thirteen exploitation plans for each one of the commercial results 2015
10.03 Drawing up of patents and licenses 2015
10.04 Assistance for the creation of two spin-offs 2015
10.05 Seminars oriented to the exploitation of the results 2015
10.06 Dissemination oriented to the exploitation of results 2015
10.08 Two dissemination seminars 2015
10.09 Two specific workshops 2015
10.10 Communication in EU PVSEConference 2015
10.11 18 high level scientific publications in international journals 2015
10.12 Three visits to demonstrators 2015
10.13 Mapping of the new jobs 2015