Exploitation platform

The PVCROPS Exploitation Platform is designed to promote the commercial deliverables emerging from the PVCROPS project.  Many of these innovative technologies are available for commercial license to entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and established companies within the PV industry. There are also a select number of business start-up and investment opportunities available to interested parties.

For more information, contact stephen.davis@dit.ie or phone +353 1 402 7144.

New Technologies
available to Industry

New Business and Investment Opportunities

New technologies developed by the PVCROPS project team which are now available to Industry.

Spin-out companies developed as a result of PVCROPS research, their offerings and investment opportunities.

Marketable results classified by field of work

A full list of the research deliverables that the PVCROPS project has been funded to achieve. Many of these are now available to license by companies within the PV industry.

Prediction of system output

PV Energy Management and Storage Integration

PV Performance Failure Diagnosis

PV Testing and Commissioning