New Business and Investment Opportunities

A key objective of PVCROPS is the formation of two spin-out companies to commercialise some of the ground-breaking research being carried out by the project team.

Monitoring Solutions for BIPV Systems

WebPV is a spin-out company formed to address the needs expressed by several key enterprises offering monitoring solutions for BIPV systems. The know-how of these companies is focused on data acquisition and presentation. WebPV provides external expertise for analyzing this data and extracting performance indicators, such as the detection of possible PV failures and the optimization of Operation and Maintenance procedures.
Click here to learn about the PV Monitoring Solutions developed by PVCROPS. Click here to learn more about WebPV and the services it can offer to your business.

To discuss Investment Opportunities in this exciting new company, please contact Prof. Jonathan Leloux, Chief Executive Officer, WebPV on +34 61 68 556 69 or email

Field Testing Solutions for PV Systems

A second spin-out company SunWings is being formed to address the needs of the PV industry through the development of field testing solutions that meet the strict technical quality assurance standards that PV systems demand to ensure their safety and profitability. Testing equipment and procedures have been developed for use during the commissioning of PV systems and during their Operation and Maintenance.

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