The Project

PhotoVoltaic Cost r€duction, Reliability, Operational performance, Prediction and Simulation…

An ambitious acronym for a Research project which aims to

  • Improve the performance, reliability and lifetime of PV systems: 9% increase of the performance ratio.
  • Reduce their cost: 30% reduction of PV energy cost, down to 0.07€/kWh for PV plants in Southern Europe and 0.14€/kWh for residential PV in mid-latitude Europe.
  • Enhance their integration into the electrical grid: a penetration rate of 30%, by predicting PV power fluctuations, and mitigating them by new power management and storage technologies.


Funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission, PV Crops will produce results targeting the PV industry including technical documents, toolbox solutions, technology development, databases, training and spin-offs.

The results will be validated on a wide set of EU PV systems and on the biggest PV plant in the world planned in Morocco.

36 months, 6 million €, 12 partners, 7 countries, under the coordination of the Instituto de Energía Solar of the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.















 Full list of the research deliverables that the PVCROPS project has been funded to achieve.