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Published Articles

Title Journal Year
Improvement of a control strategy for PV power ramp-rate limitation using the inverters: reduction of the associated energy losses Solar Energy 2016
Control strategies to use the minimum energy storage requirement for PV power ramp-rate control Solar Energy 2015
Design of a twin capacitive load and its application to the outdoor rating of photovoltaic modules Progress in Photovoltaics: research and applications 2015
Energy management strategy for a renewable based residential microgrid with generation and demand forecasting Applied energy 2015
Experimental observations on hot-spots and derived acceptance/rejection criteria Solar Energy 2015
PV power forecast using a nonparametric PV model Solar Energy 2015
Simulating the variability of dispersed large PV plants Progress in Photovoltaics: : Research and Applications 2015
Storage requirements for PV power ramp-rate control in a PV fleet Solar Energy 2015
A 500-kW PV generator I-V curve Progress in Photovoltaics: research and applications 2014
A bankable method of assessing the performance of a CPV plant Applied Energy 2014
Control Strategies to Smooth Short-Term Power Fluctuations in Large Photovoltaic Plants Using Battery Storage Systems Energies 2014
Dust effects on PV array performance: in-field observations with non-uniform patterns Progress in Photovoltaics: research and applications 2014
Implementation and control of a residential electrothermal microgrid based on renewable energies, a hybrid storage system and demand side management Energies 2014
Performance analysis of a 7-kW crystalline silicon generator after 17 years of operation in Madrid Progress in Photovoltaics: research and applications 2014
Storage requirements for PV power ramp-rate control Solar Energy 2014

Conference Papers

Title Year
Advanced PV modules inspection using multirotor UAV 2015
Advanced testing of PV plants using portable SCADA tool 2015
Analysis of Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker on Distribution Networks with Significant PV Installations 2015
Comparative Study of nonparametric and parametric PV models to forecast ac power output of PV plants 2015
Comparison of Control strategies for PV power ramp-rate limitation using energy storage system 2015
Energy performance results of 240 MW x year of Spanish large-scale PV plants 2015
Energy Yield Estimation of a 75MWp PV Plant in Tafilalt (Morocco). Example of Usefulness of SISIFO Tool for Contractual Frameworks 2015
Installation and Evaluation of a Li-ion battery demonstrator for PV power plants 2015
Mitigation of over-voltage fluctuation in medium voltage (MV) distribution feeder line with high PV plant penetration 2015
Modeling and Simulation of Large PV Pumping Systems 2015
Modeling and Sizing of Large PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems without Energy Storage 2015
Modelling and simulation of PV power fluctuations of large PV plants from one Single irradiance sensor 2015
Monitoring 30,000 PV systems in Europe: Performance, faults, and state of the art 2015
Monitoring thousands of distributed PV systems in the UK: Energy production and performance 2015
Outdoors measurements of PV module efficiency and temperature coefficients 2015
Performance of distributed PV in the UK: A statistical analysis of over 7000 systems 2015
PV Power Forecast using a parametric model 2015
Quantifying PV fleet output variability in the UK: Consequences for Distribution Network Operators 2015
SISIFO: the Open-Source Simulation Tool of PV Systems Developed in PVCROPS 2015
Technical specifications and quality control procedures for reducing the uncertainty in PV installations: results of the FP7 project PVCROPS 2015
A tool for the performance evaluation and failure detection of Amareleja PV plant (ACCIONA) from SCADA 2015
Toolbox for the design and simulation of energy management strategies for battery-based BIPV systems 2015
Use of PV plants monitoring to characterize PV arrays power 2015
Validation of energy management strategies for PV plants with Li-ion batteries 2015
3D simulation of complex shading affecting PV systems taking benefit from the power of graphics cards developed for the video game industry 2014
Automatic fault detection on BIPV systems without solar irradiation data 2014
Dealing in practice with Hot-Spots 2014
Equipment and Procedures for ON-SITE testing of PV Plants and BIPV 2014
Equipment and procedures for on-site testing of PV plants and BIPV 2014
A free real-time hourly titled solar irradiation data Website for Europe 2014
Meteoforecast : Meteorological predictions with models NWP and R 2014
Minimizing Energy Storage Requirement for PV Power Ramp-Rate Limitation Controlling the Inverters MPPT 2014
Minimizing energy storage requirement for PV power ramp-rate limitation controlling the inverters MPPT 2014
Web-based monitoring and control system for a microgrid with renewable energies, hybrid storage and controllable loads 2014
Web-Based Monitoring and Control System for a Microgrid with Renewable Energies, Hybrid Storage and Controllable Loads 2014
An 800 kW PV generator I-V curve 2013
Attenuation of power fluctuations in large PV power plants: the use of prediction to optimize the storage system 2013
Automatic detection of PV systems failures from monitoring validated on 10,000 BIPV systems in Europe 2013
A bankable method for the field testing of a CPV plant 2013
Good and bad practices in PV plants 2013
On-site tests for the detection of potential induced degradation in modules 2013
An open-source simulation tool of grid-connected PV systems 2013