Going clean and green has become a familiar slogan ever since the news about global warming has been made known to the general public. Despite the ways of trying to decrease our carbon imprint and attempts to find alternative sources of energy, one fact remains – that we haven’t really harnessed the greatest natural source of energy, which is solar power.

While solar power and ways to harvest it has been discussed and presented in different ways, we still have a long way to go. If you think that this can only be done by big companies and firms then you, my friend, are very far from the truth. I truly believe that, as an individual, we can definitely contribute in the campaign to go clean and green.

Join me, Matthew Hargreaves, as I embark on the quest to find ways of going clean and green using solar power. No stones will be left unturned as my blog aims to cover a number of topics on solar power (and anything related to solar power) that will help you contribute in your own small way of saving the environment. After all, little things when combined results in bigger and better things. Doesn’t it?