Do-It-Yourself Home Ideas – Solar Lanterns

Lanterns that are solar powered are being sold at almost a dime a dozen.  Some may aesthetically look good but are poorly made that makes me wonder if it really is worth buying one. Since I love taking on do-it-yourself projects, I thought that I’d just do a solar lantern myself.

If you also love to take on do-it-yourself projects, why not try this out? I’ve also added a few ways to display your finished product at the end of this post.

Materials and equipment

Solar light tops

Lidded jars (can be mason jars or any clear jars)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks / industrial-strength glue

Frosty glass paint (optional)

Drill and drill bit (if you are not using a mason jar)

Procedure for Mason jars:

Remove the lid of the Mason jar but keep the ring in place.

Insert the solar light top in the ring making sure that it is tightly fit.

Apply glue around the ring to keep it in place if it is loose after putting the solar light top in place.

Screw lid closed.

Procedure for regular lidded jars:

Drill a hole on the lid of the jar using a drill bit that has the same size as the solar light bulbs.

Carefully insert the solar light bulbs into the drilled hole.

Seal the side of the solar light top using hot glue or industrial-strength glue.


In your garden, display the jars in places that have direct exposure to sunlight. Watch them beautifully light up your garden once the sun goes down.

Recharge your solar powered lantern during the day and have them add ambiance to a room in the evening. For a softer glow, you can also frost paint the jar.

If you have kids at home, the solar powered lantern is a great night light alternative. You can even frost paint it with his or her favorite color.

Gift a gardening enthusiast by adding miniature garden tools or decorations inside the jar before sealing it closed. They can add your gift to their garden as a hidden treasure that gets revealed at night.