FC Wacker Innsbruck fairyground slots

The heat can also be felt at Wacker in the fight for the body

FC Wacker Innsbruck will be playing the “Wäsch” before the Sturm home game.

Innsbruck – The heat is noticeable, omnipresent and discharges itself also at the green – at the morning unit of the FC Wacker, which was brought forward by coach Karl Daxbacher due to the high temperatures to 9 o’clock, the sparks flew yesterday. In the final game, physiotherapist Maximilian Schweiger and masseur Patrick Bernhaupt not only had to move out once. General Manager Alfred Hörtnagl on the outline was also sympathetic to the fight for the “Wäsch”.

But there was no trace of exaggerated hardship, the one or other injury break Captain Christoph Freitag pointed out with a wink: “Today we are partly also lying because we were already tired and the one or other step too late”. On Saturday you should be in Tivoli against Cup winner Sturm Graz on time. If you want to enjoy various games, Fairyground Slots is the casino for you!

FC Wacker fairyground slots

At the Bundesliga home comeback after more than four years, everyone clearly wants to play from the start, but there are no longer many links to the eleven (see Factbox) that left the Bundesliga on 11 May 2014. Alex Gründler, who has returned to the second FCW team, shot a 3-3 equaliser against Grödig in the final minute of the match. His colleague Armin Hamzic, who was also in the opening formation, is currently looking for a club after some injury breaks. And while Alex Hauser has ended his career, Marco Kofler, another Tyrolean, has been earning his living in Germany for years.

TV expert Alfred Tatar recently said that footballers should be regarded as “migrant workers”. All you need to do is take a look at the Wacker squad, past and present. Captain Freitag, who joined FC Wacker in the summer of 2015, is Lukas Hupfauf, the long-serving field player in the black-green squad, as well as his own native Lukas Hupfauf. “The coming and going wasn’t much different at my other stations,” he notes. The native Styrian has little relationship with his opponent from Graz – during his wanderings he spent time together with Sturm’s team goalie Jörg Siebenhandl in his youth at the Academy of Vienna Austria.

Now Friday, which came from the bank at the start of the 2-1 defeat against Austria, is hot to lead FC Wacker as captain against Sturm on the field: “This home start is something different than last season. Of course I want to stand on the field and help the team. But I’m also professional enough to accept any decision,” dictated the 28-year-old midfielder before going home – where his daughter Lanea has been providing moments of happiness for over 9 months.